AI Researcher/ Developer – Computer Vision/ Machine Learning

Job Description

• Engage in algorithm & product development in Computer Vision.
• Face/Action Recognition technologies of EyeQ.
• Research and integrate applications of Machine Learning.
• Deep Learning Neural Network into EyeQ’s Computer Vision technologies.
• This position is for Level 5 Engineer and upward.
• Research and work under direct supervision and guidance of Mr. Tuan Thi – Ph.D. in Computer Vision from New South Wales University of Australia.


  • Solid understanding of fundamental algorithms in Machine Learning: Classification (nearest neighbour, decision tree)
  • Have already got your hand dirty with several frameworks (Facenet, Yolo, SSD, etc.) or build your own to solve specific tasks such as face recognition, human tracking, object tracking.
  • Have implemented any of such model at a production level, serving hundreds of thousands of API calls per second. This is a must for this position.


  • Salary up to $3,000/month.
  • Working in a very nice startup environment.
  • Fair and transparent payoff for the working results.
  • Opportunities to work with large-scale products with a diverse range of customers from all industries: advertising, hospitality, restaurant & hotel, F&B – coffee shop chains, auto-pilot vehicles…
  • Opportunities to develop yourself through challenges and work closely with 2 Ph.D in Computer Science from New South Wales University, Australia.

For more information and application, please contact us via [email protected]





(+84) 977 915 884 ( Ms. Nga Bui )
170D/6 Phan Dang Luu street, Phu Nhuan district, HCMC